• Noa

    in ep 10 where dose tornado put her phone?

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    this is awsome videos please give this in a serial

  • Atanas Stoilov

    no that’s not true! Goku punch frost but frost use his neddle to poison it goku

    • Cabba

      I know

      Goku can beat freeza and frost easily but they cheat

      Freeze’s warrior shoot

      Frost used poison

  • Atanas Stoilov

    Wow! I can’t wait to see how strong is Hit

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    who is this fucking heno sama?

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    When will be the ep.41 get release??

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      never or sooner or alwayser or subbed or bb poqi kthehu me tekst

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    What’s up with episodes 40 and 41 the are the same!!!!

  • styck

    how come goku got to fight against hit? he lost against frost earlier. did I miss anything?

    • Stefano

      If you watched the fight between Frost VS Piccolo, you know exactly why. He had poisoness needles

    • SSJ-Mad

      because frost was the strongest and had some special punch

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    Where is the subs? Anyone help

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    Why the terrible translation? Anime mobile usually posts Pafu sub and the subs read naturally, unlike this stilted mess.

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    i love dragon ball super ,i don’t mind the weak story I’m just glad that dragon ball has returned

    • Lamine Slimany

      i think you are right this really verry weak story,,
      what’s goning on in hear

    • Me either

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  • Daniel Petrigala

    It hasn’t gotten weak it just hasn’t got anywhere. The trunks arc should make you reconsider. I don’t think a single eyemy proved a threat to the z fighters. Maybe Freeza where he blew up the planet but still that’s about it.

  • kogee snypa


    PLEASE AKIRA , DONT disappoint US

    • not going 2 happen he always disappoints

    • Mutex Fate

      Dude Gohan has long retired bro. He is also not gonna be involved in this arc.

      • kogee snypa

        damn , but if something special happens like training with the kais or beerus to fight against black goku

        • Mutex Fate

          Yeah, I guess you could hope for it. But, the new intro and promo pretty much confirms that Gohan is not gonna be involved/do anything. The main Characters for this arc are Goku,Vegeta,Black Goku, Future Trunks,Mai and That Green Kai looking guy. (Of course Beerus, Whis ,Omni king, Goten,Trunks, pilaf, shu and present Mai would also be involved i.e #Secondary #Tertiary characters).

        • gohan

          No I don’t think beer us would fight him,knowing beer is he would like goku to fight his evil version it would be very interesting to him

      • gohan

        No of us know that

    • Nail Cregsworth


    • gohan

      He might be the white hair super saiyan which I really hope it is

  • Lav Karri

    trunks vs frieza
    youtube – yamerusenpai

  • Who else wants to see Bardock in the martial arts tournament of the 12 Universes
    remember what omni king told about the tournament

    • Bardock is alive?

      • jlooo

        he would be in alternate universe i assume

      • Nail Cregsworth


      • gohan

        No but he is the first super saiyan

        • Grendel

          That isnt’ canon though so no reason to think that it would carry into super…

          • bruh

            YES IT IS IT WAS MADE FROM AKIRA TORIYAMA -KONO BAKA- (for people who cant speak japanese i said YOU IDIOT)

          • Grendel

            Grow up please no need for insults…and no it wasn’t…the one shot with bardock and gokus mom was though

    • gohan

      Bro that would be awesome!!! but the thing I really want to happen is gohan fight in the omniverse and I want him to redeem himself

      • Deads

        Our Gohan or another Gohan?

  • This site so great

    • 😀

      • The Legend Cabba ?

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          yeah thanks ma man for dis i can get jiggy wif dis 🙂

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            hd free

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        is the livestream up?

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        I can’t waiting for Dragon Ball Super episode 56

  • Mutex Fate

    Present Trunks confirmed to die in episode 49. Future Trunks is gonna replace his role.

    • Mega Blaziken

      To be honest I want that to happen I hate present Trunks

    • diny


    • SSG Gotone

      If nobody else got the joke just letting you know i did 😉

  • Alex Andi

    “C’mon ppl, WTF”

    • Yeah he burned all these goddamn retards with their stupid theories.

      • Hoang Huy Tran

        Yeah, you were very smart to point out that its Dark Goku right after you watched the spoiler. Very extremely smart! I’m happy for you.
        Not all people watched the “spoiler”, those included me.
        It is best to keep the identity of key characters in the dark for people to expose their ideas and imagination instead of show white brains, and you are in this group.
        Hey Akira Toriyama, you should stop being an ass. Try to use some logic in your work, its a complete mess, still its good for entertainment.
        And thanks for free entertainment.

        • You are fucking delusional you know that? Why are you making up theories on what I watched? People thought black goku was goten. That is absolutely hilarious and toriyama burned those 10 year olds. What the hell are you on about?

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            “People thought black goku was goten. That is absolutely hilarious and toriyama burned those 10 year olds” What is so hilarious?
            IF you hadn’t watched that Bird Mountain’s spoiler, would you come up with one or several hypothesis? Wow, you were so freaking smart to figure out that the guy in black were Son Goku. So freaking smart.
            Hell please, it was because you watched the spoiler, kid.
            You are not that smart, live with it.
            And yeah, I’m delusional, probably. You happy? I’m happy 🙂

          • First what the fuck is “Bird Mountain’s spoiler” ?
            Second what the hell is wrong with you? Goten couldn’t possible be goku black, it is a hilarious theory. Seriously you should come to terms with your stupidity and just move in with life.

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            Well, people come up with hypothesis when they don’t know what it is. Live with it.
            Toriyama = 鳥山 = Bird Mountain
            I’m really not sure who is the stupid one here: one that comes up with backed up thesis or one who watched the spoiler and called other stupid.
            Live with it, smart kid. Cheers!

          • What the fuck….how delusional are you? You have excellent defense mechanisms. I didn’t watch any trailers you moron. You are fucking crazy tbh.

          • Hoang Huy Tran

            You have excellent offensive mechanism 🙂
            Yes, I’m crazy and delusional, and you are psychotic and illusion.
            That makes both of us.
            I’m happy, are you happy?

          • normofalltrades

            Since Black Goku is from Future Trunks timeline, then it couldn’t have possibly been Goten as Goku was killed before the cell games in his timeline.

          • You know nothing Rakcunt.

          • ? All I said is that goten isn’t goku black. is that true? yes it is clown.

          • Ay Rakcunt the Wind Walkers will be coming to you.

          • xenoverse rules

            you suck rakoon insultig ppl like a jerk heck your name sucks its even written wrong

          • “you suck, your name sucks” “insulting people” Ok so you just did what you accused me of already. Fucking idiot.

          • dragonball xenoverse rules

            i guess you would be used to it since everyone is insulting you for being such an idiot i think people understand why

          • Rakcoon

            One comment ago you swore it was the other way around. Damn you are a stupid fuck. How hard did you hit your head kid?

    • Flakes

      It’s funny cuz that Twitter account doesn’t exist.

    • Flakes

      Also it’s past 160 limit and that date doesn’t exist yet, Twitter puts the month first so good job on the bullshit.

      • ob

        actually the date could be right because most countries put the day then the month so that would be June 12th not December 6th

        • Flakes

          As far as I know Twitter does not localize dates. As far as I can tell it’s the same format as long as English is the display language. Also Toryiyama does not use social media. He’s kinda notorious for his seclusion.

    • Brayden Mitchell


    • Aldo Milani

      hahahahah black being goten hahahahaa

    • anmol

      zumasu is goku black

      • *.*

        No it’s just a nigger goku

        • Dodavahu Ben Ysra’el

          If you noticed……Zamasu fell at someones’ hand in the opening credits….Zamasu might have found Son Goku on the 10th dimension Earth…..then stole his body.

          • Roy Smokesalot


          • Gio

            If Captain Ginyu could do it… don’t see why some one else couldn’t have.

          • Michael Blub

            Zamasu can’t find a Goku in the 10th universe…. It would contradict with the whole 7 and 8th universe are parellel from each other, just like 9 and 10. Meaning universe 10 is in noway the same as universe 7… Meaning Zamasu managed to pull off something to go through different universes…

        • JoeyDon818

          That shit isn’t necessary asshole

        • bruh you’re late for your traffic running appointment

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    hello guys imvery excited about black goku i feel disapointed in hit vs goku i hope udidnt makeit another!!!!!!!!!!!! any way thanks n u r doing a fabolous job

  • manikumar

    n waiting for next episode

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    i hope we can see a fusion betwen Goku and vegita

    • robin

      we will se the fusion with the convination of super saiyan god

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    wow guys this is wonderfull by watching these episodes i get more positive energy as if like iam doing my hard work to get it done thanks to dragonball and akira sama




    i know don’t cry don’t cry

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    How come episode 48 isnt english subbed?

    • Jeremy Bailey

      because it just came out2 hours ago and it takes time to sub? smh C’mon common sense bro

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    i love this site!!

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    waste of 2 weeks waiting for 2 disappointing episodes, guess better not expect much for the next episode, surely there wouldn’t be any fight going on episode 49

  • gohan

    I really hope there’s another gohan who’s gonna fight in the omniverse if you guys don’t know what that is its the 12 universe tournament

  • Utkarsh

    black goku is wearing apotra

  • Satoshi Nakamoto


  • fESk!P

    free wallpaper :3
    and pls work on the sub fast

  • Hoang Huy Tran

    So this new series is a mess. Does not fit either multi-dimensional Time-Space or unified Time-Space theories.

  • Goku

    Good site

  • Ashokaa7

    Episode 50 HYPE …

  • Ashokaa7

    White goku is here —

  • kodali revanth

    I Suggest Gohan to take part this Black Goku league…..Gohan is too week in super…but he can surpass the power of both goku and vegeta even berus too……

    • Ashokaa7

      :O u said my words man…….

      • kodali revanth

        Nicely said bro……But Quite interesting by seeing black goku…..

      • Ted A

        I would like to see this happen, allow the offspring to carry on the strength of the father and develop new abilites, so that it no longer only matters what you’r power level is

    • Deads

      But he isnt a fighter. He has the potential but in the end it isnt what he loves or enjoys. And i really think that you need to have that to hit the lvl that Goku and Vegeta are at.

  • Future trunks

    Why doesnt future trunks get future bulma to make a spaceship so that he can go to planet namek and collect the dragon balls so that he wishes everyone in his timeline to be revived and make him stronger so that he can stop any villain that gets in his way?

    • Ben

      I don’t think regular non super dragon balls could do that. Goku may not have been at full power fighting black, but he seemed to be on a level on par with Super Buu, possibly even kid buu. If we assume that black also has another transformation available beyond this that can possibly match SSBGSS then the dragon can not make you more powerful than a god. If he could then he would have made Goku a god when Berus asked instead of wetting himself, so it wont be much help. Also Trunks father would consider using a wish to power up as shameful.

  • Hi

    Hate how it keeps opening new tabs and then goes to the App Store but everything else is awesome

  • Marcus Hill

    I like watching ching chongs with small dicks argue

  • tahir

    i have two theories about who black is. first theory is that black is goku from the past because in trunk’s timeline goku died of heart disease and even though he gave goku the cure goku was still dead in trunk’s timeline from heart disease. black could have been goku revived in trunk’s timeline with the heart disease as you saw black clutching his chest when goku hit him there. he was probably revived by that green kaioshin and being controlled with that green earing because only kaioshins wear earings like that.

    the second theory is that black could be from champa’s universe as the green kaioshins come from champa’s universe. because champa’s universe is identical to beerus’s universe, when beerus revived planet earth in champa’s universe he revived everyone who lived there including goku. but in beerus’s universe when goku came to earth he was actually evil but became good because he hit his head and forgot everything but in champa’s universe he may have stayed evil.

    that is my theory about black. please feel free to comment

    • jahbar omega

      you are absolutely right on your theories. all the signs are there..when black seen beerus, he didnt get afraid like he already knew him. the color of blacks power is a god of destruction color. to add on with your theory, what if the king of everything gave him a position of god of destruction and or eliminated beerus since he saw all of the fights, all of the new techniques goku accumulated, and his drive to superiority? every since goku fought beerus, beerus did not train to become stronger than what he is. all of that plays an important role in holding a position like beerus.. he sleeps too much and got consumed by the food of earth he was eating. im just sayin that black goku might just be goku.

      • tahir

        beerus’s power is natural, he was born with it maybe if he trained imagine how much stronger he would become

    • Deads

      I think that Black isnt Goku. But someone that needed a body and that he took Gokus body (cause he knew that it was the body of a powerfull warrior).
      Cause the last episode gave me the feeling that it isnt his body and that he didnt know who’s body it was.
      Him clutching his chest could be cause of the heart disease and that he took the body including its defects.
      And with that stuff at the end it seems that hes only just figuring out the potential of his body, if this would really be a Goku then i dont think he would have to figure this stuff out.

      • tahir

        in my first theory about black i said that the green kaioshin is the one that revived goku’s dead body and is controlling it probably with the earing on black. also i am not saying that it is goku and if you read my theory then you would see that i mentioned the fact that goku’s body was revived with the disease

        • Sean Schemmel

          my real theory is. Goku is a good guy in the future as well. but Zamusu(the green kaioshin) has some kinda clone technique and he told the clone to do some kinda body change with goku. Just like ginyu.

    • lol

      or black is the green dude controlling his body, in case you are wondering why its because he says and i quote”this movement suits this body”.
      thats what i think please reply if you disagree

  • tahir

    the time machine in episode 50 is the one that cell came in after defeating trunks

  • gandalf

    this episode made me feel happy

  • Edgar Esquivel

    black is really gokus yang that he never taps in to. Somehow gaku is going to trick him in to fusing to become stronger than berus, thus becoming the strongest warrior.

  • Sean Schemmel

    I can’t even count how many English episodes of dbz I had to be Goku’s voice

  • Skor TheFuture

    Whatever they do, please don’t animate another fight like you did piccolo’s. His face was glowing for half the fight and literally nothing happened. Kinda annoying to watch. Also this rabbit hole of black goku seems to be leading to some made up stuff in some made up region. It kinda feels like a filler.

  • Dodavahu Ben Ysra’el

    I always thought he might be from another universe…..because Beerus-sama wished the other Earth back changed the timeline…..check early June

  • Jc

    What you thing man i can’t waiting two weeks why you release two week later,I can’t waiting for one week what do you thing who that is possible i waiting for two weeks what the hell is going on anybody tell me ?

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    what the hell is going on how you can delay this week’s new episode 55 delay for Olympic Games Rio 2016, this is not fair i can’t waiting for new episode please release that episode on this week,and you also release 56 episode same week and another in same…please this is a request…please

    Woooo i can’t wait for one week so how that is possible i can wait for two week.
    Please release new episode 55 with english subbed…
    NOt delay for Olympic…

  • Jc

    But episode 53 , 54 are amazing i don’t believe that …

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    why i can not download the movie?

  • Basil Odeh

    Does anyone think that in the ep.55 omni king will promote goku with a position of a god and that this looking guy will be his assistant

    • Zardock

      Yes, I thought of the possibility of Vegeta being promoted as a God of Destruction, and possibly even Goku as another type of God. I don’t think it will happen that soon though, possibly very soon. I almost feel that Beerus and his counterpart will somehow piss off or disappoint Omnigod causing him to appoint a new god of destruction. All theories of course

      • Gladiator23

        but on second hand it got me guessing because of the new whis looking guy, you know how like whis trained lord beerus and vados trained lord champa . cuz if that happens I’m guessing that when omni gives god to guku that’ll make him immortal and that might stop the heart disease from effecting him .

  • L.A. Anomaly Junior

    I think that Black and Zamasu are two different characters… Zamasu’s hatred for human drove him angry and he created Black Goku to destroy the human race, which is one of his duties as a kaio “creating”… Zamasu most likely used some of his Ki to create Black Goku, which probably is why Black Goku and Zamasu ki’s are similar but not same Zamasu Couldn’t do it himself because he wants to become a kaioshin and it goes against what a kaioshin and kaio was designed for… I could be wrong and Black Goku and Zamasu are the same character… Zamasu just used Son Goku’s face to seem friendly so the “Z” Warriors or the human won’t suspect anything when he came to Earth…

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    PLease DBS episode every weeks release 3-4 episode so that’s nice thing please release 3-4 episode in a weeks…

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    I can’t waiting for a week for a episode please release 2 or more episode in a week.

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    Goku or vegeta make another level of super saiyan

  • Jesse

    In Dragon Ball Super next episode in we,can see the fusion between Goku and Vegeta, Fight against Black Goku (Evil Goku) We can seen or not i think Goku and Vegeta gone be fusion and that’s gone be Amazing episode so please make that’s type of episode.

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    I’am Waiting for that’s time Goku and Vegeta fusion with each other and make the Super Saiyan Blue.

  • Jesse

    This is fusion time.

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    Dragon Ball Super – The one who defeats Black Goku, i can’t waiting for this episode

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    8-9 month gone start Dragon Ball Super but only 54 episode are released only on this time

  • Basel Striak

    Black is son goku in the future ..someone will steal time ring from zumaso and absorte him then absort with goku to create black

  • Basel Striak

    Look at black left ear…that is mean black is a unit (goku +zumaso)=black.,…think about it

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    no episode today?


    Goku Black could be TURLES of other universe

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    Do you guys know why the episode’s are being release late. Cause it use to take 1 week to finish these episodes?

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    Everyone can argue about blacks identity but one things certain these cliff hangers then waiting 2 weeks to see the next are getting old lol

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    goku black may be the goku od tht world cuz both universe are totlly opposite nd our goku is good so may be opposite unvierse goku may be bad thts wt i think

  • umer

    my theory is tht black goku is tht god from universe 10….tht explains the single green earing and the ring and thts y he said we meet again goku.and his ki is also similar to tht god….i mean isnt tht obvius :/

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    I can’t wait for DBS episode 56 release because they release in 1-2 weeks how that’s possible i can wait for 1-2 weeks for one episode,please this is a request for you please release urgently.

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    I know Black Goku under in Goku Body

  • Jesse

    this reason to they can fight against Goku,Vegeta,Furtue Trucks, Other wise how they can possible Black Goku make Super Sayian Rose & Goku’s Shoocked .

  • Jesse

    I know who is Black Goku, Black Goku is a Zamasu.
    He enter the Goku’s Body and destruction in the Earth.
    So he more powerful then Goku & Vegeta.
    Other wise doesn’t fight against sayias

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    Any question ask me

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    I am not happy because Rio Olympic 2016 is bad for Indians.

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    Also DBS episode is delay i am so upset please release more & more episode in one weeks please


    alright guys the deal is black is zumasu and vegeta will be the one to defeat him i mean its fucking obvious

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    This was not a good idea getting frnds with zeno .. i thought there will be a fight .

  • king tut

    so we just gone ignore the fact that trunks hair purple and not blue ??

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    I think Zeno help in against Black Goku’s

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    One thing i dont understand, black only exists (in his current evil state) due to zamasu, who did this because of his meeting with goku. But goku only met zamasu because of his meeting with black. Its a paradox, in order for goku to meet black, goku had to meet zamasu, but in order to meet zamasu, goku had to meet black? Hard to word but im sure someone will get what i mean